Authority and Shi'i Political Culture in Qajar Iran

Research Seminar: Authority and Shi'i Political Culture in Qajar Iran (1786-1925)
Alta Scuola Europea di Scienze Religiose "Giuseppe Alberigo" | 7-8 November 2023


The question of authority and political culture in Shi’ism and in Iran has constituted an important field of study for around forty years now.
Considering the current historiography, this seminar aims at reflecting upon the interweaving of several political literatures produced by Iranian Shi‘i ulama during the Qajar period until the constitutional revolution of 1906-1911 which projected Iran into a new era, looking closely at primary sources – most of which are largely unknown – concerning the investment of ulama in political literature (siyâsat-i mudun) and constitutionalism.


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