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da mercoledì 26 settembre 2018 
a venerdì 7 dicembre 2018

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What do we mean by world religions' and why might this phrase be controversial? How should we approach the study of the spiritual paths, key beliefs and practices of the main religious traditions? This course will give you the tools to study world religions in a balanced and sensitive way.

Introduction to World Religions provides an overview of the key religions of the world and the way they have come to be studied and understood today. The course is designed to give you the tools to embark on a study of world religions through contemporary cases studies. It challenges you to look at both the insider'and outsider'perspectives and why even the title world religions'might be controversial. It looks at the way religions adapt and change from their historical roots into the dynamic and fascinating forms we see today and how they interact with each other and the modern, secular world. It takes into account the views of leading academics and practitioners in the field who themselves had attempted to provide an overview that helps to make sense of diverse sets of beliefs and practices moulding the lives of millions of people in the world.

Programme details

The areas you will cover in this course are:

  1. What is a world religion?
  2. Contemporary approaches to the study of religion
  3. The Abrahamic traditions
  4. The Asian traditions
  5. Precept and practice
  6. Spiritual paths
  7. Key figures and organisations
  8. How religions adapt and change
  9. Conflict and cooperation between religions
  10. World religions in a secular world

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Non-EU Fee: £295.00

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