Gli sciiti ismailiti


Farhad Daftary propone un'articolo in lingua inglese in cui racconta la storia


In 148 AH/765 CE, on the death of Imam Ja‘far al-Sadiq, who had consolidated Imami Shi‘ism, the majority of his fol­lowers recognised his son Musa al-Kazim as their new imam. However, other Imami Shi‘i groups acknowl­edged the imamate of Musa’s older half-brother, Isma‘il, the eponym of the Ismalliyya, or Isma‘il’s son Muhammad. Little is known about the life and career of Muhammad ibn Isma‘il, who went into hid­ing, marking the initiation of the dawr al-satr, or peri­od of concealment, in early Ismaili history which lasted until the foundation of the Fatimid state when the Ismaili imams emerged openly as Fatimid caliphs.


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